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Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure


1. Local annexes are founded according to article 3, pas.e, of the statute of EKPIZO in the cities or regions in which reside its active members. The foundation and operation of annexes constitutes a means to the fulfilment of the goals set by EKPIZO. The Network of Annexes as well as every annexe separately constitutes an inextricable part of EKPIZO, thus reflecting its Panhellenic scope.

2. The decision for the foundation of an Annexe is made by the Board of Directors of EKPIZO following a proposal of one of its members or an initiative of the members of the Association living in the city or region in question.

3. The operation of Annexes is governed by the principles of organisation and operation of EKPIZO, as determined in its statute. Moreover, all Annexes are bound by the decisions made by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors of EKPIZO, hence are obliged to apply the Internal Regulation. The responsibility of ensuring the implementation of the aforementioned rests with the General Directorate.


1. Annexes implement the initiatives of EKPIZO within their space and take care of promoting them to the Media.

2. Annexes shall also take initiatives concerning exclusively consumers of their area by utilising the experience and multi-faceted support of the Board of Directors of EKPIZO.

3. Annexes shall collaborate with the local bodies of their area and especially the communities, prefectural authorities, and social organisations. Moreover, they shall aim at participating on behalf of EKPIZO to the local institutions, such as Committees of Amicable Settlement, etc., with the objective of resolving consumer issues.


1. Annexe members, as members of EKPIZO, are subject to all the obligations and rights arising from the law as well as the Association’s statute and the rulings of its institutions.

2. The General Directorate of EKPIZO is obliged to regularly and thoroughly inform all Annexes on the initiatives of the Association, utilising various means such as delivering printed material, etc.

3. Annexes shall regularly inform the General Directorate if EKPIZO about their initiatives, the results thereof, and most importantly the existence and tackling of special issues reported amongst consumers of their area. Therefore, they shall produce an Informative Bulletin on a trimestral basis.

4. Revenues collected by Annexes shall constitute income of EKPIZO. All Annexes are requested to submit to the Board of Directors of the Association, by January 20th of each year, a financial review of the past year and a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Taking in consideration the needs and possibilities of EKPIZO, the Board of Directors shall proceed with the approval or amendment of the budget in question, with the criterion to maximise its work for the benefit of consumers.

5.The Board of Directors of EKPIZO shall support with every means at its disposal the initiatives and actions of Annexes.

Coordination of actions – Network of Annexes

1. As established by the Board of Directors of EKPIZO, Annexes with a maximum of 30 members shall appoint an Annexe Supervisor. Annexes with more than 30 members shall appoint a 3-member Coordination Committee comprised of the Annexe Supervisor and two more members.

2.The Annexe Supervisor or Coordination Committee of each Annexe shall be responsible for:

  •     Implement the present Internal Regulation
  •     Advertising the work of EKPIZO within their jurisdiction area
  •     Cultivating and encouraging relationships with the Media
  •     Registering new members and collecting subscriptions from older members
  •     Organising events

3. The General Directorate of EKPIZO is responsible for the coordination and cooperation among Annexes, and is obliged to:

  •     Take care of the timely and thorough briefing of Annexes regarding the initiatives of the Association
  •     Announce to Annexes the decisions of the Board of Directors as well as the deriving responsibilities corresponding to each Annexe
  •     Closely observe the activities of Annexes and facilitate their work

4. The Board of Directors shall initiate and establish regular Assemblies within the Network of Annexes, which shall take place in Athens or any other city/annexe headquarter, and to which shall participate the Representative of the Board of Directors and the Coordinator, or any member of the Coordination Committee of each Annexe. Every member of the Board of Directors of EKPIZO, as well as every member of the Coordination Committee, has the right to participate. The Assembly of the Network of Annexes shall discuss about the issues deriving from their operation, the results of their initiatives, etc.


Athens, March 22nd, 2011

Note: The present Internal Regulation constitutes an update of the older version dated July 22nd, 2006, as per decision of the Board of Directors of EKPIZO on the 1st Assembly dated March 22nd, 2011.

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